Why You Need Us

Why You Need Us

“All Marketing Is Local.” S. Mader



The secret for your success with online or digital marketing is simple…



Allow foreign companies to manage your local online marketing.
Believe out of state marketers who say they are from “Google” and can get you to Number 1 Position overnight.
Hire a graphic designer to build an over priced website that is not optimized properly, therefore never gets found.
Build a free or low cost – do it yourself website. Nobody will ever find it and Google will not rank it highly. Remember the cheapest website is the most expensive.

If you are not prepared to be at the top in local search- do not bother with online marketing at all.

It doesn’t matter how many years you have been in business, nor does it matter how much of your revenue is repeat and referral business…

…I’m going to prove to you why you need to the Big Fish In Your Little Pond.

1883-2007 R.I.P. YellowPages

A Brief History Of The Yellow Pages



1883- Yellow Pages Invented

A printer in Cheyenne, Wyoming ran out of the white pages he used to finish his small phone directory. He had some extra yellow paper lying around so he decided he would separate business listings from regular folks.

1886- Reuben H. Donnelly Formed

The Donnelly Yellow Pages were created in Chicago and businesses could place ads for a monthly fee.

1886- 1980- The Golden Years

For those business owners who were forced into buying yellow page ads from between 250 dollars per month to 3,000 dollars per month, you understand the power of the former Yellow Pages. Consumers loved having the convenience of going to one place to choose a business in their area.

If you were a business and wanted to compete in the directory- you had to be on page 1 or 2 of your category with a larger display ad. And you paid through the nose for this!

The premise was that ALL consumers HAD to go to their Yellow Page Directory to find a business they needed. And ALL the local business owners HAD to be listed there, or they were basically invisible.

1980- 2000- Yellow Page PANIC Because Of The Internet

The internet begins to take hold, eventually cell phones evolve to display searches. AOL pioneers the online search, then Yahoo comes along to improve it.

At this time- the Yellow Page company is FREAKED OUT. So they determine the only chance they have to keep their business clients, is to magically become online marketers overnight and they create YP.COM.

They manage to bamboozle enough business owners to switch their contracts into their new ONLINE directory. This works for a couple of years- then a new company comes along- Google.

2001-Present Day- Good Bye Yellow Pages

Google turns the table on the yellow pages by offering consumers full control of what they need to make an intelligent decision online.

The rest is of course…history.

KEY TAKE AWAY FROM THIS: The needs of the consumer to be able to search for a local business did not diminish- it simply evolved. And today you MUST have an SEO optimized website, which Google “likes”, and you must understand how to optimize yourself locally- to be the Big Fish In Your Little Pond.

I Take My Client’s Business Seriously

My Agency Works Hard And Is Detail Oriented- You Have My Word
picture of scott mader

In 2001, I purchased a franchised carpet cleaning company and territory in Cincinnati, Ohio. The franchisor discouraged commercial cleaning contracts and recommended we follow the “program” and only focus our efforts on residential work. However, nothing in my contract prevented me from marketing my franchise as a commercial contract cleaning company. After hiring 4 salespeople and implementing unique email marketing tactics, I built a large commercial contract cleaning company in Cincinnati.  I stumbled on methods of local marketing by building systems within my company.

Ultimately, I sold my contract business for a nice profit, having built it to a 5 truck operation.

Here is a short list of accomplishments to date:

2006- Created Impact Marketing, a virtual marketing department for small business owners endorsed by the SBDC and Clermont Chamber

2008- Retained by Restaurant Corporate office for Local Store Marketing training throughout the United States

2010- Became the #1 Local Store Marketing consultant in the U.S.

2011- Created EDrips, a unique drip marketing system for professional salespeople

2012- Google Certified in Adwords PPC and Organic SEO

2017- Created Outside The Box Digital Marketing- The Only Local Digital Marketing Agency Of It’s Kind, Specializing In Assisting Individual Franchisee Locations


#1 Local Marketing Consultant In U.S. 2007-2015

We have helped corporate franchisors, we have helped individual franchisees and we have helped start-up businesses…the fact remains- “All Marketing Is Local.”

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What People Say


Scott has a strong understanding of what works in the local marketing space. Especially for franchisees.

Charlie Francus,

Founder at SpringzyFormer Marketing Director for Buffalo Wings and Rings Corporate

charlie francus testimonial

Very innovative email marketing and SEO marketing tactics for local professionals.

Brad Toft,

Risk Specialist at Newman & Tucker Insurance

brad toft referral

Very well versed in SEO and Social Media tactics for small business owners. Creative, yet understands how to sell. Worked closely and learned many things on projects with Scott.

Ted Stevenot

Partner at McCarthy Stevenot Former head of  Republican Tea PartyFormer candidate for Governor of Ohio

ted stevenot referral

Scott Mader has demonstrated innovative techniques and processes to assist small business owners. I do not hesitate to recommend him and his firm.

Brad Forsythe

Regional Director Arthur C. Gallgher,President Best Practice Advisers,Author,Finance at Harvard Business School

Brad Forsythe referral

Scott developed Edrips…Very innovative email marketing platform technique that I believe can help professionals and small business owners.

Nat Comisar,

Independent Real Estate Professional, Former owner of The Maisonette restaurant

nat comisar referral

Scott helped us with local store marketing for a restaurant location and we were very pleased. Understands how to help the communication between franchisor and franchisee.

Karen Arnold, HR Director, Franchise Ownerkaren arnold referral

Mader Marketing knows how to apply the correct digital marketing techniques at the correct time to generate results. I would highly recommend in the digital marketing space.

Gregg Starr, Commercial Real Estate and Consulting, California and South Carolina

Gregg Starr referral

Scott assisted us with a complete local marketing plan and I would not hesitate to use him again!

Scott Franer, Owner AGP Security & Lock

scott franer referral

Had many conversations with Scott and referred him to small business owners. Unique angle on local marketing concepts.

John Melvin,

Owner John Melvin Agency, Former SBDC Director State Of Ohio

john melvin referral

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